Front Door Makeover

We moved into this adorable house 2 years ago.
There is nothing wrong with it. The front door just didn’t pop. I use to hate HATE HATE painting cabinets and doors but ever since we started using General Finishes acrylic based milk paint, I have a completely different opinion. Plus the paint is indoor/outdoor paint!
So….this happened.
Of course, Brandt and I did not agree on the colors. I tried a few more and just wasn’t thrilled with any of them. I wanted it to “pop” from the street and there are too many red and yellow doors on the street.
Then, I decided to go with Patina Green from General Finishes and to glaze on top of it.
I gathered my supplies for the paint.
The floetrol was used to reduce paint strokes. However, with General Finishes there are almost NO brush strokes but I am so anal about doors having brush strokes. Turns out I only used a few drops and didn’t use it at all on the second coat.
So I taped all the glass and the handles off and got to work. I didn’t sand the existing paint….i just wiped the door down.
process of painting front door…
I used a brush around the handles and in all the insets but used a 4″ foam roller on most of the door so there would be no streaks. The paint takes about 30 minutes to dry. I did a second coat and it was DONE!
That’s it!
The transformation is amazing!!!!
Now it just needs to be sealed with Modern Masters Supreme!
front door painting

Pop of Color

It pops now!

I haven’t even glazed it yet and I love it!!!! Should I or shouldn’t I??? What do you think??