Drab Dresser From Turn Of the Century

This dresser was rescued about a month ago. It had mismatched handles was wobbly and needed love. A LOT OF LOVE. This dresser is from the turn of the century and needed to be completely dismantled. Literally, the top, sides, drawers, and everything was taken apart and given special attention.

Although this dresser came a long way. The hardware wasn’t salvageable for this piece, but we saved it all for future projects. The top barely made it through demolition and you can tell its old and wise, but it is still lovely. Like all 100+ year old dressers it has its quirks. For example, although all the drawers are the same size each one fits in its specific spot. Not to worry, we plan on numbering them for you 🙂

Check out this amazing before and after!

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dresser DSCF4430

Completed Dresser