Does Your Furniture Have A Story To Tell?

We have picked up a lot of furniture before. We have found kids letters, love letters, drawings, receipts, bills, quilts, hair ties, glitter, and other random things in our furniture. I always check furniture before we paint but not really when we pick up. This time was no different.
When we were carrying this mid century dresser onto our trailer something fell out.
My first thought was…oh no, the dresser bottom has a hole in it! BUT, nope it didnt. What had fallen out was a full box of .380 ammo. Now, we have a .380 so I happen to know that this box costs $19 or $20. However, the price tag on it was $7.95. SEVEN DOLLARS?!?!?! It had to be so old. So I get on my hands and knees and find this!
A peg board compartment! I found another box of ammo and gun cleaning items. Our picker told us that she got this from a 90+ year old ex-Boeing engineer. How fun is that? He probably forgot about those bullets 20-30 years ago! CRAZY!
The piece is in really really good condition and is back at our shop and ready for a new home. More info, here and yes, the secret compartment is included!
What have you found in a piece of furniture!?