Dear Desk, I Love You

Do you remember the bar? Well, my husband does. And he was heart broken when we sold it. My punishment is to be heart broken over this desk. I am in love and I am willing to get rid of furniture in my house to keep it. I want it by my font door, or as the entertainment stand, or just a desk. Bottom line: I want it.  Nevertheless, it’s not happening. My original vision for this was to do chalkboard paint on top and the rest all white and do black hardware. This desk had been in someone’s basement for a while and over the years the drawers had been painted and/or stuck shut so we went to work.

I started sanding….

and sanding….

and sanding…

I went a little crazy.

Using 60 grit sand paper it took 6 hours to get all the way down to wood on the top and drawers. I almost immediately realized my chalkboard idea was out the window. My new idea was to do wood drawers and top and an all white frame with white hardware. I prepped the dresser for priming….sanded as much as I could and scraped paint with an exacto knife which led to my thigh being stabbed by myself :/ Then my husband power washed it for me.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

The power washing did something magical….I kinda liked it just like this:

photo 4

Once the husband agreed. The fate was sealed. New plan. Wood top, wood drawers, silver hardware and seal it as is.

I forgot to mention……not all the drawers were sealed shut. Two of them were actually a filing cabinet which was a fun surprise.

I love this piece. LOVE. You all better snatch this up before I smuggle it into my upstairs with out my husband noticing.


Absolute beauty!

DSCF4515 DSCF4516

There are more pics and info in our etsy shop!

And the before:


I can’t get over how well this piece turned out!