Damask Silver Leaf Makeover

Rescued Furnishings has been planning on expanding their business. The first part of this expansion is the below AMAZING silver leaf damask wall finish. This looks great on any color wall and adds a whole new level of sophistication to any room. Everyone that has seen this room has said Pictures do not do it justice…which is wonderful because I think the pictures still look great!
Think of this on light pink in a nursery or taking a plain grey bathroom or bedroom to an amazing asset in your home. I will be doing this in my own home soon in our living room! Check out this before and after of this wall that we recently finished! This wall finish is not cheap…to get started to do this wall it cost $550 in just supplies, BUT don’t you think it is worth it! ¬†Talk about a transformation!!
Silver Leafing

What a difference a silver leaf damasked wall can do to a room!

If you are interested in having this wall finish in your home, contact us for a quote! Our email is rescuedfurnishings@gmail.com