Choosing a Rug, Changing a Room

It’s a lot of pressure to put on a rug. I know. But for the last year or so we have been going from tans to grays….partly because we are buying a leather sectional and that will be too much brown. The whole process has stopped since we are moving but as part of the transition we are are getting rid of REDS and adding blues, green, and turquoise.  Choosing a rug can be very hard and time consuming.
We got this rug at Ikea and it is coming apart at the seams. Additionally, it is clearly too small.
There are a million rug rules so here are the ones I like.
1. Big enough that it can go under the couch legs. Area rugs are meant to be AREA rugs, not coffee table rugs, which ours is.
2. Pull in colors you want to incorporate. Do you see any teal in that rug above? NOPE.
3. Front legs of furniture should be on the rug. (ottoman is not incorporated at all above). I also like when dining rooms are completely on a rug and have room for all the chairs too.
4. You should have 1-2′ of floor space around the rug. I have a billion feet. It looks ridiculous.

Found it!

So, the good peeps at Rugs USA  sent me this awesome rug. I loved it because it had TEAL but not too much and was also much bigger than my current rug. We went from a 5 x 8 to an 8 x 10. In all honesty a 7×10 would have been ideal but that mostly doesn’t exist. This rug is gorgeous and so soft. It actually feels like silk!
See the teal?! So much better.
First things first. In our next house, the walls will be gray which will highlight this rug even more. We have the chair pushed off to the side but you can see its plenty big for us to rest the ottoman on it. And, it has a vintage distressed feel which I love.
So much better! It actually makes the space look bigger. Plus…picture an awesome section in a totally different house. Our cute dog likes it too. Say Hi to Reesy!
In fact, all our dogs took the rug for a spin 🙂
Anyway, if you love this rug as much as I do, you can get it here. They are having a huge sale right now!! 70% off at time of writing.
Do you like my fancy new rug??