Build Plans For A DIY Bar Cart

I am so excited because tomorrow is our very first official Power Tools & Pretty Things class and we are giving away a Ryobi tool set in class. We have partnered with Simpson Strong-Tie to build this amazing indoor/outdoor Bar Cart. You can get the DIY Build Plans below.
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Building Plans DIY Bar Cart Building Plans

You can download the free plans here! 
In class, each person will make all of their trim and shelving cuts. Everyone will put the entire cart together, and paint it! We are so excited! Stations are set up and ready to go. To build this at home, download the plans above and head to Home Depot and pick up the connector kit!
Besides the obvious lumber needed, here is a good tool list you will need!
Workbench or Shelving Hardware Kit


Before I reveal this amazing cart I want to make a few modifications to the build plans.
The cart is built to 17.25″ in width, but it calls for 17.5″ in lumber on the top and bottom shelf so we replaced the 1×6 cuts with all 1×4’s. Doing this allows for a small gap between each board and for us to be able to space them nicely.
The only other change I made was with the connectors because I placed them 1.5″ in on the legs with the screw heads being at 1.75″. When you are working on the plans this will make total sense.
I filmed myself putting this bad boy together, and you can see it on you tube!
I also had the pleasure of showing it off on our local tv station!
I’ll be back with a follow up blog post on all 6 bar carts made in this class with the build plans and the class in January! It will be so fun to watch everyone get their hands dirty with power tools and bring their bar carts to life!
Bar Cart

Assembled Bar Cart