Bold Kitchens for 2016

2016 is off to the races and we have clients going bold! Bold kitchens are making a comeback. Some of you may remember that I created a winning color for the 2015 General Finishes paint contest, called Galapagos Blue. Why Galapagos Blue? Because its teal and Galapagos is super fun to say. That’s why 🙂
Anyway, I thought I would share where some of our clients heads are at. Classic kitchens are always fun but so are pops of color and I love being brave! I love it even more when clients want their kitchens to be a bold color!

Bold Kitchen Colors: Holiday Red

In December we tackled Laura’s kitchen in Holiday Red from General Finishes and did a black glaze over top it to turn it down! We added the beadboard and crown moulding too! So fun, Right?

Holiday Red Kitchen Transformation

Bold Kitchen Colors: Galapagos Blue

Next up, Is none other than Galapagos Blue!!! In this particular kitchen we glazed over the paint with pitch black glaze from General Finishes!

Galapagos Blue Kitchen Transformation

We even have video so you can see it in all its glory!

It is literally heaven! And, I am even more excited because I have a pop of Galapagos going in my own kitchen right now!

I think 2016 is all about doing your home for YOU. Doing what YOU Love. I think people are starting to realize that people will buy your home because they love it or with plans to change it. Whether you have oak, espresso, black ,white, or BLUE cabinets you won’t make everyone happy so YOU might as well love it!!

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What do you think!??!?!

I have a ton of tutorials coming your way soon so stay tuned! If you want them emailed to you, sign up here! I hope this encouraged you to go bold!