Behemoth Buffet

We have had this buffet for a very long time. A buffet is pretty much always my weakness. We were kinda keeping it a secret because we were secretly hoping we could keep it but when we moved to the new space it got noticed and SOLD at the open house.
This buffet is MASSIVE. It is no wonder that it no longer had legs.
Shylah and Greg wanted something unique, but not too feminine and the sheer size of this thing was a good compromise.
I drew up one of my horrible stick figure like drawings and texted her the plan. Somehow she knew what I meant and had faith!
The twist was when they needed it rushed so Brandt worked a few late nights and got to work.
The top had to be completely replaced and when this has to be done on a piece we always try to do it with barn wood. We like to reuse and re-purpose whenever possible. Luckily, Brandt’s dad and Reclaim Renew have lots of barn wood. For this top, we went to Barry from Reclaim Renew to get some barn wood!
The top was cut down, profusely sanded, and put together properly, glued and clamped. Once that was done, it was clear coated with a resin.
Isn’t it pretty??
Next up was the box that the buffet was going to sit on. Brandt built a frame that was secured to hidden bun feet. A bottom shelf was put in as well. Once again, it was important this was both sturdy and built correctly, which means using a kreg jig and wooden dowels.
The finishing touches on the bottom included barn wood dividers, painting, adding trim to the bottom and rope trim at the top. We wanted the green to be balanced on the top and bottom so wooden appliques were added as well. All the trim work and appliques helped to make it look like it always went together. He also framed the sides to match how the top part was originally built. We used Queenstown Gray and Basil Green and I was so happy to finally use the basil green color!
Next up was modifying the top! The top drawer was converted into a shelf and the drawer front was put on piano hinges. He framed in where the shelf would go and got to work on the hinges. We ran into a little trouble here but we worked it out!
The top was painted and we got it together. My hubby hugged it and cried a little and certainly didn’t want to see it go!
Before I show you the whole thing…he also replaced the back because it was in rough shape as well.
So…here are a few sneak peeks. I can’t get over how well these two separate pieces tie together and the green and the barnwood balances it so well. Originally, I thought I would have more green on the top but after painting the bottom part we readjusted so it would feel more balanced and I am so glad we did.

The complete buffet conversion!

Here it is!!!!! I think it is safe to say this is our biggest, and one of the most amazing transformations. Brandt has for sure proven his master carpenter status.
Thank you Shylah and Greg for having so much faith in us. We are dying to see pictures of it in it’s new home!