Basement Hideaway to Buffet Masterpiece

We just finished a magnificent buffet. This thing is GRAND. It has a presence. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would be wonderful. It had been in someone’s basement for years and they wanted it gone. I told it that someone would love it again one day.

I didn’t do a fantastic job of before pictures with this so you will have to wait for the before and after. We had to sand the heck out of this. Since this was being done in a creamy white we had to prime, and prime, and prime, and prime, and prime. Yep. 5 times. 5!

I was mostly excited for the hardware. I knew this big bulky hardware would MAKE this piece in jet black. AND. IT. DID.

This buffet will be loved again (I have a feeling sooner than later). It would make a great dresser too. I wish my house was big enough to fit something like this.

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Enjoy the pics! You get to see one of my helpers as well 🙂

Update: This has been sold.

buffet DSCF4379

Just look at all of those details!