A Glass of Champagne

I love Modern Masters paint. It is amazing. Jennifer from The Magic Brush has been teasing me with warm silver finishes.

I happened to have just the dresser that could use this treatment. This dresser had tons of metal accents. Each piece of furniture tells a story and this one is no different. It was custom built and then it seems to have been sent to Chesterfield, Mo back in the day where all these custom metal accents were fixed on. It has several metal decals even metal shoes! Every girl needs a great pair of shoes!


When we went to pick this 9 drawer dresser up and the first think the people asked my husband was “How many guys did you bring?” His response: “Just my wife.” I tell you this for two reasons. 1) so you are aware of my super woman strength and 2) so you can understand how heavy this is and how much I hate moving it!

It is mahogany and is sooooo heavy!

I knew this had to be done in Warm Silver. I love opening a new can of modern masters. It is so silky and smooth.

This dresser took almost an hour to remove the hardware and combined with cleaning, sanding, priming, painting, sealing and all the steps in between this dresser took nearly 30 hours…NOT including any drying times! Crazy!

This warm silver color reminds me of a champagne color. I love it. I absolutely love how it turned out.



doors decal3 decal2 decal1 champagneshoe

This warm silver, champagne MAHOGANY beauty will be for sale at St. Louis Vintage Market Days. Who is gonna come and get her?!

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