A Bar With POWER

My husband has wanted to put lights in ANYTHING for almost a year. Finally, this vintage armoire turned bar seemed like the right piece.
This piece is mahogany and has tons of custom metal accents. It is also H.E.A.V.Y!
Here is the before pic!
The inside was close to completely gutted. The bottom was re-done so that it would fit a wine fridge perfectly! A WINE FRIDGE! The doors were removed and glass inserts were cut. Lights were installed on the top of the bar in white and color lights were installed right above the glass racks hubby put in.
The back was replaced and painted with a contrasting light gray. I LOVE how good of a job he did!!!! Aren’t you proud of him too??
Look at these glass lights. Aren’t they awesome!!
We left the hardware in its original form because it pops off the dark gray.
The lights fade, blink, stay still…and there are so many colors! Check out this crazy remote!!
A few more colors to check out!
Also…to pull this little photo shoot off, we brought this home, carried it up multiple stairs and put it in our poker room. This is what it looks like behind the scenes 🙂 Totally normal right??

This piece will be at St. Louis Vintage Market Days April 4-6!