$75 Gift Certificate Giveaway

We are super excited to do several giveaways as we are building up to this April’s St. Louis Vintage Market Days! This is the second one! We hope you didn’t miss the first!

We have had a lot of exciting things happening around here lately. From having signs and t-shirts made (hey, the small things matter too!),all the way to moving into a warehouse! Now it is time to celebrate! I won’t bore you with all the other things I have to do…like switch this whole website to a new server so I can properly have a giveaway widget!! Anyway….

Our next giveaway is a $75 gift certificate to Rescued Furnishings!

This can be used in our booth at St. Louis Vintage Market Days, on a custom order or on existing merchandise that is for sale in our etsy shop!

The winner will be both selected and announced on March 4th

To be eligible to enter you just have to do 2 things.

1) Like our facebook page

2)  “Follow” our blog

To submit your entry go to this link:


To follow the blog from a computer, simply put in your email address on the right side of the home page and hit “follow.”

To follow from your phone, scroll all the way down and right after you come to “older posts” you will be able to enter your email address and hit follow.

Good Luck!